Frequently Asked Questions

No.  In our opinion part worn tyres can be dangerous.  It is impossible to know whether the tyre you are buying is safe or not - it may have come from Germany, where the tyre regulations are stricter than ours, but it could just as easily come from a scrapyard, having been removed from a crashed vehicle.  Why gamble with your life, the lives of your family and other road users, when brand new Budget brands are available for precious little more money?

We'd be pleased to.  As long as they are legal and safe we'll happily fit and balance them for you.  But wherever you buy them from, please make sure they are the correct fitment for your vehicle and, in the case of second hand tyres, that they've not been badly repaired.

No problem.  Our guys will usually do this anyway (and certainly if your wheel already has hidden weights), but just in case, let us know that this is what you want and we'll ensure it's done.

We're more than happy to use your own specs, if that's what you prefer. Write them down and give them to us when you arrive, and we'll programme them into our aligner.

No.  We only sell on a "face to face" basis - mainly because card payments taken over the telephone are not guaranteed by the banks, and if we are going to keep our prices low, we cannot afford to lose goods and money to the occasional fraudster.

A tricky one, this..  Usually no (see "Do You Offer A Mail Order Service?), but we know there are times when you may need to send someone in to have the tyres fitted and still settle the bill yourself, in which case, we'll always try to help out.

We have to adhere to all sorts of regulations regarding the disposal of "hazardous waste" (which covers tyres) and are charged by a recycling for every 20ft container load they collect.  This works out at about £1.00 a tyre, which we pass on - at cost - to you.

We usually don't have to, as our prices are extremely competitive, but very rarely, one of our competitors gets their hands on a "special" deal and will try to undercut us.  In this case, let us know the price and who's offering it and providing we're not going to lose money by matching it, we will.

Unlike the national fast fit chains, we mark our prices up from cost, so you get the benefit when the wholesale price drops (unfortunately, it's a double edged sword, so prices can go up, too).  Tyres are made all over the world, so currency changes, the cost of raw materials, over/under-production and manufacturer's promotions all have an effect on the price we buy at today.  We expect customers to swallow any price increase that comes along, so we feel it's only fair that also share in any price decrease.

Yes, but you'll need to buy them yourself and pay us for fitting and balancing them.

We are NOT a fitting agent for ANY of the internet tyre suppliers, whose prices we usually match - and often beat, so why wait days to have your tyres delivered from the net when you can find them in stock with us?

You could, but they're designed to work best in lower temperatures (below 3deg C) and can wear quicker and be a little noisy on dry roads.  You'd be much better to keep them just for the colder months and fit summer tyres for the rest of the year.  Alternatively, "All Season" tyres are gaining in popularity and can be a good compromise.

Sorry, no.  In our experience, the side of the road isn't the best place to fit tyres.  And anyway, we're never sure how conscientious a fitter is likely to be when he's freezing cold with rain running down the back of his neck!

Our lifts are recessed into the floor, so no matter how low your car, it'll go straight on.